I cloned the MBR and both partitions of a drive but the new drive does not boot. The Disk Manager shows these difference:

ORIGINAL WORKING DRIVE: C:\Windows Boot,CrashDump,Primary Status:System F:\SysRecovery Primary Status:System, Active & Boot

NEW SSD Drive: *:\Windows Primary Status:None *:\SysRecovery Primary Status:Active

Unfortunately, I don't see any way of changing the new drive's status to Active & Boot, or why the new Windows partition doesn't show 'System' in the status.

Also, since ultimately only the new drive will be installed in the laptop, I didn't assign any letters to it. Could this be the problem?

How can I force 'Boot' Status on the new drive, while its connected as a slave (USB2 to SSD cable)?


If your laptop has a CD/DVD drive and you are in the possesion of a Windows DVD, I would suggest this:

Disconnect the old HDD from the system. Leaving the SSD connected. This is important as you want to fix the MBR on the SSD and NOT the HDD.

Boot from windows DVD, enter the installation. When on the screen where you need to choose language for windows press shift + F10

You will now get a command prompt. When in the prompt type

bootrec.exe /fixmbr

bootrec.exe /fixboot

This should set your SSD as the active boot device by fixing the MBR.

Further reading about this issue and source is available here (external link)

Best of luck with the operation ;)


Not assigning drive letters was a good thing - I wouldn't worry about it.

Your best bet would be to create a system recovery disk on your laptop, then swap out the drives and put the non bootable SSD into the laptop. Boot to the recovery disk and pick a windows installation (it should get discovered at CD boot time) and the recovery console should write a new boot record for the drive for you :)

Failing that, it may be worth trying different cloning software. I have heard a few people complain that they have made drive clones that refuse to boot no matter what they try. I usually point them to http://www.clonezilla.org/

  • Another app that I have had nothing but luck with is Miray HD Clone. There is a free version available but I think it limits the transfer speed to 20MB/s. The paid versions unlock different transfer speeds, but the free version works just as well as the paid ones.. miray.de/download/sat.hdclone.html – Richie086 May 7 '14 at 16:37

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