If I look around on the Internet, I see people have the ability to import all files from a given folder:

http://cwebbbi.wordpress.com/2013/03/01/importing-data-from-multiple-log-files-using-data-explorer/ enter image description here

Whereas I can't:

enter image description here

I'm running Excel 2013 with the PowerPivot add-in enabled and SP1 installed.

enter image description here

Does anybody know where the option to import from folder has gone?


You'll have to install the Power Query Excel add-on (mentioned in the Blog post you linked).

So, go grab Power Query from MS and install it.

This will add a new Excel tab named "Power Query", which will have it's own "Get External Data" section on the ribbon (similar to the Data tab). That button/drop-down contains the wanted "From Folder" button.

Excel with Power Query

  • Thanks a lot (I should spend more time to read). Any other Excel add-ons worth installing in your opinion? – Max May 9 '14 at 6:35

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