I've added a domain to my local /etc/hosts file on osx 10.9.2. if I ping the domain, it resolves to the configured ip in the /etc/hosts. If I put the domain into the "Domain" field for a SIP Account configuration in x-lite, it gets the ip from the public dns server ignoring the /etc/host file. Is there a way to force x-lite to use the local hosts file for dns lookup?


It seems that one of the reasons that x-lite can still reach the domain is because you don't have a separate line with an IPv6 loopback (an IPv6 version of the address the blocked domain currently redirects to). x-lite must be ignoring the IPv4 entry, and connecting to the blocked domain via an IPv6 address.

You can fix this by adding one line to your /etc/hosts file. A similar question HERE suggests that you use fe80::1%lo0 as the IPv6 loopback address, as it says that OS X versions later than 10.8.2 won't respect the ::1 loopback address.

An example of the line you need to add to your host file is:


If this doesn't work, I would suggest having a look at some of the other answers on the question above. One that looks promising is:

Try adding following line in /etc/resolv.conf

lookup file, bind

This should force OS X to use /etc/hosts before dns. The only problem is if you use dhcp, this file will be overwrote each reboot.

  • @markus Did you try the instructions above? Did they work? – joeeey May 20 '14 at 8:24

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