I am struggling to understand how a network works, specifically a home network, if I wanted to configure an external facing website.

Say I have 4 windows computers. They are all connected to a router which in turn is connected to the internet. I understand that all the computers will have private ip addresses and that these will map to one public IP address from the router.

If I have iis installed and working on one machine, is it possible to route a request through to that website without having to muck around with port forwardining?

For examples, if my web address internal is If my router IP address is, can (as long as my firewall allows) call my testpage by calling How will the router know what to do with this request?

  • This question should probably be moved to SuperUser as it's a system administration issue and not a programming question. – ArtemB Apr 26 '14 at 7:04

The simplest solution would be to just port-forward web traffic from your firewall to your web server.

In a nutshell, you have to tell your firewall to send all incoming on <external IP>:80 to <internal webserver IP>:80 and map source IP to <external IP> for outgoing packets on the same connection.

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