I'm trying to install MongoDB 2.6.1 on my CentOS machine that has no access to the internet. I've downloaded the rpm files from the repo, and when I try installing, I keep getting the "mongo-10gen-server conflicts with mongodb-org-server-2.6.1-1.x86_64" error no matter what I do.

I've tried:

  • yum remove, yum makecache, yum install
  • rpm -e, rpm -i

But it all ends in failure. Does anyone have any clue what I can do?

  • I downvoted the question, because the title does not reflect the question asked. Eg "Packages conflict when upgrading through rpm". – Bruno9779 May 9 '14 at 14:40

You need to remove ''mongo-10gen-server'' if you want to install ''mongodb-org-server-2.6.1-1.x86_64'', since they conflict.

You could try adding --force to 'rpm -ivh', but you are more likely to make a mess than not.

Lastly, try to install the .rpm with yum:

yum install /path/to/mongo.rpm

yum handles dependencies automatically, rpm just moans about them

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