I want to do something like this from a shell script:

$ open 'foo.html?foo=bar'

Sadly that fails, as it looks for a file named foo.html?foo=bar instead of foo.html before opening the browser:

The file /tmp/foo.html?foo=bar does not exist.

I noticed that open supports this for HTTP(S) URLs, though:

$ open 'https://mathiasbynens.be/demo/get?foo=bar'

So I tried to use a file:// URL:

$ open 'file:///tmp/foo.html?foo=bar'

This doesn’t error (yay), but it still only opens foo.html in the browser, without the query string appended.

So, is this possible at all?

  • I suppose one could use AppleScript… But is there really no other way? – Mathias Bynens May 10 '14 at 14:00

I don't think that you can open the file with parameters directly - even if you specify the application with

open -a "Safari" ....

Depending on what you want to accomplish you can start the built-in PHP web server with

php -S localhost:8000

and call your website with parameters like

open "http://localhost:8000/foo.html/?foo=bar"

I hope this helps.

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