I would like to select lines which do not match the specified pattern, where I have multiple patterns to exclude. As an example, I want to exclude lines which start with the keywords apple and banana:

$ grep -v '^apple' foo.txt | grep -v '^banana' -

I'm wondering if there's a way to do it with one expression or one call to grep. I have tried the following, but they don't seem to work as hoped:

$ grep -v "^apple" -v "^banana" foo.txt
$ grep -v "^(apple|banana)" foo.txt
$ grep -v "(^apple)|(^banana)" foo.txt

What is a correct way to exclude multiple patterns?

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To specify "alternate" matches, you have to include the "E" switch like:

$ grep -Ev "^(apple|banana)" foo.txt
$ grep -Ev "(^apple)|(^banana)" foo.txt

Either version above should work.


You can also specify multiple patterns with -e.

grep -e '^apple' -e '^banana' -v foo.txt

grep -e '^apple' -e '^banana' foo.txt

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