I have generated a 10GB file using fallocate. Now when trying to download that file using

wget -O /dev/null example.com/10gb.bin

it stops at ~72% and says "Connection closed at byte X". Retrying. error.log doesn't show anything.


Setting variable proxy_max_temp_file_size helped us.

Basically this is due to buffering on Nginx, which defaults to 1GB size. Anything more than that needs to be requested again.

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Since the download started, I suppose the access log won't be of any use either (basically showing a 200 answer). You still may want to check it, just in case something interesting pops up, even if I doubt it.

So. It does not seem to be a server error...

Have you got a look at exchanged packets? Those might help telling you if the server requested that close or if it is your client that disconnected.

In the latter: client error maybe? It might be something as simple as disk/partition full... :o)

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