I have few very large .iso files in my computer altogether about 1TB. All of them are sparse files and i want to remove the sparse flag/attribute from them, is there a way how to do it? Maybe some application or so?

I know when i copy the file the flag is removed, but copying 1TB of files is kind of complicated.


You can control whether the file is set as sparse or not by running (from an elevated command prompt) fsutil sparse setflag <filename> 0|1

To turn off the sparse setting, run:

fsutil sparse setflag YOURFILENAMEHERE 0

To turn it back on, run:

fsutil sparse setflag YOURFILENAMEHERE 1

and to query it:

fsutil sparse queryflag YOURFILENAMEHERE

I found this by trial and error and a search on TechNet - I don't go around setting or unsetting sparse files so I can't speak to any risks from doing this, other than the file(s) will take up much more actual space than they might have otherwise.

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