A Windows 7 HP ProBook 6570b laptop is rebooting just after the HP logo appears during the boot process. This means the laptop reboots about 4 seconds after turning it on.

The laptop had been generating BSOD after what we believe was a virus infection occurred.

If I boot into PMagic from a USB drive, and try to recover some data using File Manager, I get an error saying the device is in hibernation, and cannot be mounted.

I've been told to bring the laptop out of hibernation mode, I need to hold down the power button for 5-20 seconds, however this does not work.

I don't have a HDD caddy or cable to use to connect the laptop HDD to a desktop PC and delete the hibernation file.

I don't have a Windows recovery CD handy, but I may be able to receive one from another office.

How else can I bring the laptop out of hibernation?


I downloaded Knoppix, a Linux boot CD, which allowed me to delete the hibernation file.

To do this, I booted into the Knoppix GUI, opened File Manager, and opened the C drive, which prompted me there was a hibernation file on the drive, and asked me what I wanted to do.

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