Problem: my monitor (asus vk228 series) suddenly stopped being recognized by my laptop (msi gt60) when im using a hdm connection. vga connection works. furthermore every piece of hardware seems to be fine, I can connect my laptop with my tv via hdmi. I can connect my monitor with tv-receiver via hdmi. Cables are fine too. Only the connection between laptop and monitor seems to be bugged all of a sudden...

I reinstalled gpu drivers and even made a clean reinstall of windows 7. I've tried "windows"+p but the monitor won't be recognized. I'm totally lost here :(

anyone withan idea? thanks in advance

  • I dont know for sure but there are often "force" type options in the GPU software, in the LCD pannel section or other names for it, you could try working that. If you already totally clean installed the OS, what else can you do, try working resolution and refresh rates , start small do a perfect 720, make sure refresh is 60. Not all HDMI devices will support wide resolution changes. – Psycogeek May 15 '14 at 12:28

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