I find that sometimes when I am trying to cycle through open windows of an application with "command" + "backtick" it will only move through a few of them and then go back to the first. The other windows are not minimized or in different spaces. I find it happens most often with my LaTeX editor/previewing/console windows (I use TeXshop). And its not all the time, but I haven't noticed yet if some behavior as I am working that suddenly causes it.

Just wondering if anyone else has had this sort of issue. Its not a huge problem, but it can get annoying sometimes when I need to switch back and forth a lot between the file I am writing in and the file I have to be active on to compile. Thanks!


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Coming from Windows and Linux, the Cmd+Tab and Cmd+Backtick of Macos feels half baked and annoying to me.

Luckily there's an amazing Open source alternative Alt-Tab!!

Here's the link: https://alt-tab-macos.netlify.app/

I've installed this and it's really awesome. It has options for both all apps alt-tabbing as well as apps of one single app with Alt+Backtick.

Also Alt+backtick works even if all windows of one app are not in same desktop.


I suggest if you want to cycle between all application windows including the minimized windows is to enable it through System pref - Mission Control - Application windows - select your preferred keyboard short cut (I am using Control + down arrow).

Also, to do the same with mouse is to assign certain corner through System pref -- Mission Control -- Hot corners - select your desired corner and assign it to application windows.

  • So the keyboard shortcut is set and works most of the time, just every once in a while it won't move through all the windows of an application, say only 3 of 6 open (all the same application). May 15, 2014 at 2:46
  • you mean it didn't cycle between all application windows using the newly assigned short cut? would you please tell me which app cause this behavior?
    – Shamy
    May 15, 2014 at 2:55

I have seen an issue like this recently; in Photoshop, Command-Backtick seemed to work only intermittently.

Today, I discovered that when I have my keyboard language set to Maori (to add diacritical marks to names in my SF novel), hitting Command-Backtick apparently does not send the same ASCII code as the US English keyboard.

Try checking your keyboard language in System Settings > Keyboard > Input Sources. Setting it back to US English instantly fixed it for me.

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