I am using putty to connect to my linux server and if I open any files with vim or vi editor the editor margins are getting limited, whereas the same full screen is coming if I open in XTERM. My desktop screen is having 1280 X 1024.


You probably have :set lines=N columns=M commands that do the resizing. Unfortunately, not all terminals support the dynamic resizing. Apparently, PuTTY doesn't. I also tried

$ stty columns 120

directly in the terminal, also with no effect.

With PuTTY, you can work around this by manually putting its window to fullscreen (e.g. by double-clicking on the titlebar).

  • Yes , I already used set lines & columns but it is not giving properly some times. I was looking if there is any vim configuration which can be used. Because each and every time setting that option may become difficult. – Sriharsha Kalluru May 15 '14 at 11:03
  • After removing set lines=68 from my .vimrc, no problem anymore with the display in PuTTY. – Olivier Faucheux Jun 24 '15 at 8:12

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