I want to know how to save messages from Gmail to one csv file or each message to separate csv file. Txt file is also acceptable. The messages I need have a certain label in Gmail.

An example:

I have 50 messages marked with label "Notification" and I want to export all of them to one csv file Notifications.csv

  • A list of the messages or the actual content of the messages? May 15 '14 at 11:11

Since asking how to do this via GMAIL only is off topic (See webapps), I'll answer how to do it in an email client. In this case, Outlook. I've kept this quite open in order for it to apply to older versions of Outlook.

Add a new account in Outlook - download them all via POP3. Make sure you don't delete them from the server (there is a option for that).

Create a new folder in Outlook.

Perform a search in Outlook for the string you want to search for. Drag all of these into the new folder.

Export to a file, then choose CSV. From here, select this new folder.

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