I have a saa7134 video broadcast decoder that is working well, i can see picture using tvtime or xawtv. now i want to be able to broadcast using vlc, the problem is that i can't find where to choose in vlc the input channel. i want to choose svideo. any ideas ?

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It's under Advanced Options on mine. I can't remember if it's labeled "input" or "channel" but possible values for my card are 0 (tuner), 1 (s-video), 2 (composite). I'll check the details when I get home today.

This is under Ubuntu 9.10 running VLC 1.03 with a Hauppauge PVR-250.

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    thanks!!! i had input option there, by using v4l-info i could see that S-Video is on channel 3 and when i chose it, it worked.
    – ufk
    Nov 25, 2009 at 22:28

Use v4l2-ctl in the ivtv-utils package.

Display inputs: v4l2-ctl -n

Query currently selected input: v4l2-ctl -I

Select input $N: v4l2-ctl -i $N

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