I have a image on gimp I am trying to print, The canvas size is A4 and should be printing correctly.

However when clicking print, noticeable borders (about 10px) appear on each side. I have checked the edges of the images and they go to the edges of the canvas.

Is there a way to disable these borders?


All printers have a minimum margin size. If your picture goes further, the image is either scaled or trimmed.

Maybe what you need is an offset printer, or print your image on a bigger paper and then cut it down to the A4 size. Also note that not all convertions between computer dimensions and real dimensions are perfect, unless you have the right equipment of course.

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    When exported as a png, The image can then be printed properly. However printing direct from gimp provided me with better quality and faster performance than printing from the png. However left a border. – lewis May 16 '14 at 21:31
  • Have you tried exporting it as a PDF (with lossless compression or not image compression at all) and printing it from another app (like evince)? Also check the exported PDF to see if the image aligns with the borders, it may be an issue with GIMP misusing/misreading the border information from the printer. – arielnmz May 16 '14 at 21:39

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