I often use Notepad++ in a split-view like shown in the image below. I am really lazy and hate lifting my hand to use my mouse to switch focus from the left view to the right view and vice-versa.

Is there a keyboard shortcut which does that? I'd like to be typing in the right view, and then press a keyboard shortcut so the focus is in the left view and I can begin typing there.

image of notepad++ in splitview


If you have different files open in different 'tabs' then you can press F8 to switch the focus to the other tab. This is the same as clicking View > Focus on Another View or. It is also the same as clicking in another tab or on the tab name.


You can also configure your own shortcut through setting -> Shortcut Mapper.

The name of the shortcut you were mentioning is Focus on another view (#140 in the shortcut list).

I prefer to use Switch to previous/next document (#228 & #229), it's more comfortable if you have more than 2 open documents.

The default setting is Ctrl+Shift+Tab for the previous doc, and Ctrl+Tab for the next doc.

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    Current location is Main menu -> #166: Focus on Another view. Annoyingly, only one shortcut can be set per command, and no commands to focus a specified view (i.e. left/right) are apparent. Thus my attempt to set up the same spacial navigation behavior that I use for tmux is thwarted. N++'s shortcut mapper is also way overdue for a search/filter. – HonoredMule Aug 15 '17 at 18:16

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