I recently installed Arch Linux and am having issues getting the network manager set up. I am able to sudo wifi-menu and connect to a router, but these settings are not preserved through a reboot.

What can I do to resolve this?


You aren't setting up NetworkManager; wifi-menu comes from "netctl" and it doesn't automatically configure its generated netctl profiles to start on boot.

From your question I assume you have NetworkManager installed. To use it,

  1. start it:

    systemctl start NetworkManager
  2. make it auto-start on boot:

    systemctl enable NetworkManager
  3. tell it to connect to a WiFi network:

    nmcli dev wifi con "My network"

However, if you actually meant netctl by "the network manager", enable the netctl-auto service:

systemctl enable netctl-auto@wl…

(Replace wl… with the actual interface name that you see in ip link.)

  • I was connected to the network prior to the issuing the first command you have listed. After executing that instruction I was disconnected and could not reconnect; I had to reboot the system. I am going to try it again as soon as I finish upgrading packages per your answer to my other question. – sherrellbc May 18 '14 at 18:08

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