i'm using gmail IMAP through kmail. i want to archive the emails, the way gmail does. is it even possible through kmail?

  • What do you mean "the way gmail does"? – innaM Nov 26 '09 at 15:15

In MS Outlook I can move messages from the inbox to a folder called "All Mail", which has the effect of archiving the message. You may need to subscribe to the All Mail folder in Kmail.

  • will try it, seems to be the way to do it. – Capi Etheriel Nov 26 '09 at 17:05

Here's a way to create an action to do that, copied verbatim from this blog post:

  1. go to Kmail (inside or outside of Kontact, doesnt matter).
  2. go to Settings -> Configure Filters
  3. Click the new filter button on the left, give your filter a name (this will appear on the shortcut also, I simply used "Archive")
  4. Under filter criteria, choose "match all messages"
  5. Under filter actions, choose "move into folder" and select the folder you want to archive to.
  6. Under the advanced tab, uncheck the "apply this filter to incoming messages"
  7. Then check the "Apply this filter on manual filtering", "add this filter to the apply menu" and "additionally add this filter to the toolbar".
  8. Set the shortcut using the button provided (I used "q" because it didnt conflict with anything else)
  9. Choose an Icon for the shortcut menu
  10. Click apply/OK and you are Done!

The author says he got it from channel #kontact on freenode IRC.

Where it says "5. ... select the folder you want to archive to", you should choose {your account}/[Gmail]/All Mail.

The downside is that if you have more than one Gmail account configured, you'll have to create one filter for each, with a different destination folder.


I do not know whether this functionality was already present in 2009 or not, but the way to do this now is as follows:

  1. Settings > Configure KMail... > Accounts > [select an IMAP account] > Modify > Archive Folder [tab]
  2. Enable; select folder; choose archiving type (‘Unique’ for GMail-like case)
  3. Repeat the above for any IMAP account you want (folder can be different)
  4. Settings > Configure Shortcuts...
  5. Add a shortcut of your choice to ‘Archive’

So there is no need to create filters and a single shortcut suffices.

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