At work we use Mozilla Thunderbird with Lightning plugin to manage our calendar, and I want to sync with my Google Calendar account.

The problem is that in my Google Calendar account, I have 3 specific calendars, and I just want to sync one of them.

If I use the XML option in Lighting I can't accept any invite.

I tried the iCal mode, but it didn't worked.

So I tried to use the CalDav and it worked, but it syncs all 3 of my calendars.

The Google Calendar API suggests to use this link to connect the CalDav:


I want to sync just a single calendar of my Google Calendar Account with the Lighting plugin in Thunderbird.

Can I have some CalDav url to set just a specific calendar instead of all 3 calendars?

Thuderbird 24.5
Lightning 2.6.5


Use the URL you suggest, https://apidata.googleusercontent.com/caldav/v2/yourID/events, but rather than using your.cool.username@gmail.com as the substitute for yourID, put in the calendar name instead.

To find that name, start with a Google Calendar window, then go to Settings->Calendars and click on the name of the Calendar you care about. Now scroll down to the "Calendar Address" row and look to the right of the XML/ICAL/HTML links to where it says "Calendar ID". This should look like an email address with a bunch of random-looking letters and numbers followed by @group.calendar.google.com. That whole thing is what you substitute for yourID.

  • Correct answer, but I'd like to add that using your.cool.username@gmail.com as the substitute for yourID gives you access to your primary calendar through CalDAV. It doesn't sync all of your calendars at once as the OP seems to suggest. – petersaints Apr 30 '16 at 15:53

Try GDATA provider. It let's you sync a specific calendar from your google account. https://wiki.mozilla.org/Calendar:GDATA_Provider#Accessing_your_Calendar

  • This GDATA is actuallly the Provider for Google Calendar 0.25. This tool work with just one calendar. But I cannot accept invite from Thunderbird and its not two-way. – Butzke Jun 3 '14 at 14:39

For DAVx⁵, use this:


The CalDAV URL is:


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