Once again, spammers and other unsavory folk are sending out malware via attached .zip files.

How can I set up a message filter in Thunderbird 24.5 (the current version) that affects only those messages with a .zip file attached?

The closest advice I've found so far is a forum discussion about a method that apparently only works in Thunderbird 23, but it looks like they're filtering based on the presence of ".zip" anywhere in the body text, which isn't quite right.

  • @JasonC, that part is easy. I've just been getting so many of these emails that I'd love to automatically delete them.
    – Joe
    Jul 6, 2014 at 20:55

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Thunderbird does not have this feature. It has been requested for about a decade now but will likely not be implemented due to the reason given in comment #28:

The problem is that attachment name (and for that matter attachment status) is only available after a message has been passed through a MIME parser. Currently, there is no mechanism (even in an extension using custom search terms such as FiltaQuilla) to do MIME processing of a message prior to a search, so information that relies on such a search cannot be used as a search term. This is a major architectural flaw that is not easily remedied.

More information can be found here.

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