I have a CSV file that I have opened in Excel 2011 for Mac.

The CSV looked like this:

  Timestamp           |    URL
01/Jan/2014:01:01:01   /path/to/something1
01/Jan/2014:01:01:05   /path/to/something2
01/Jan/2014:01:01:15  /path/to/something1
01/Jan/2014:01:01:45   /path/to/something2

I'd like to make a timechart that looks like:

     |                            *
     |           *
URL #|      *        *                  *
     |  *                 *

Can anyone point me to a tutorial that can help me here, or provide me any guidance as to what to look for?


With the file open in Excel, create a pivot table. Drag the time stamp into the Rows area, the URL into the Columns area, and again into the Values area.

Then create a pivot chart, set it to be a line chart. Format the lines to have markers and no line. Make sure the X axis is a date axis.

This works in Excel for Windows. Not 100% sure if there are differences for these aspects in Excel 2011 for Mac.

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