My keyboard does not have a Fn key, nor a number pad. But I would like to input lots of number with a number pad layout. I wonder if there is an application, which can change some letters, say, 890-iop-kl; as a number pad when I activate the option.

I use Debian Jessie system. It will be better if the function is realized by command-line like things so that I could extend it to what I want.

Thanks very much.

  • For X11, you'd likely use xmodmap. I know I've seen a question about that too but can't seem to find it right now. Maybe it is over on Unix & Linux.
    – user
    May 21, 2014 at 11:43

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A program would need to fetch the keyboard input and translate it, which is exactly what a keymap ('keybard layout') does: map your key strokes to characters.

I'd suggest you just switch temporarily to a keymap/keyboard layout that has a number block. I know that Neo2 has a number pad layout on layer 4, though the other layers are not even near to QUERTY. You could use any mechanism to change the key map temporarily. Desktop environments like GNOME or KDE make this possible with keyboard shortcuts or with a tray icon/mouse.

You can of course adapt a keymap yourself for this purpose, with your favourite position of the numbers.

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