Is it possible to search in a PDF ( via acrobat reader / foxit) - text with word distance ?

For example :

I'm looking for the word "static" and I know that another word which is "field" - should be around. I also assume that the distance between them is <= 50 words.


Is there anyway I can search pdf with that kind of search ?


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This is possible in Adobe Reader XI (and possibly earlier versions).

  1. Open Adobe Reader
  2. Open Advanced Search Options with Ctrl+Shift+F
  3. Open Even more Advanced Search Options by clicking Show More Options at the bottom of the search Window.
  4. Set the search to the folder you have the document in.
  5. Set the return results to Match all of the words
  6. Type the Word or phrase you want to search for.
  7. Check the Proximity search checkbox.
  8. Press Search.

enter image description here

The default range for proximity search is 900 words. If that is too much for you, go to File → Preferences → Search and reduce it.

enter image description here

Further reading on Advanced Search options

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