I am having a similar issue to the user who posted here.

Basically, a folder in my Downloads (which shouldn't have any special permissions) won't allow me to delete it. When I try, I get a message stating

"You'll need to provide Administrator permissions to delete this folder"

I am logged in as an administrator (the only account on the PC besides "Guest"). When I click continue (with the admin icon on it), I get another message

"You require permission from JOHND0447/johndoe to make changes to this folder"

I'm not sure where the string with part of my username + 0447 is coming from. Anyone else ever encountered this?

  • Sounds like it was the owner of the file take ownership of the it did you try the solution in the other question? – Ramhound May 23 '14 at 1:44

What you should be able to do, if you are admin to the machine:

  1. Right click the folder and choose properties.
  2. Go to the security tab
  3. Click 'Advanced'
  4. Go to the Owner tab
  5. Choose edit enter image description here
  6. Select your correct user/ username and then check the box for "Replace own on subcontainers and objects"
  7. Click OK

This should now allow you to delete the folder.

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