I have the following table1 with multiple rows:

| Element | Price | Output |

Then I have another table2:

| Quantity | Cost |

What I want for the Cost column is to get ROUNDUP(table2.Quantity/table1.Output)*table1.Price of each row of table1 and then get the SUM of each of the results. In other words:

ROUNDUP(table2.Quantity1/table1.Output1)*table1.Price1 +
ROUNDUP(table2.Quantity1/table1.Output2)*table1.Price2 +
ROUNDUP(table2.Quantity1/table1.Output3)*table1.Price3 + ...

This answer assumes that table2 has the same elements as table 1 and in the same order. It does not use Excel tables but ordinary ranges. It uses an array formula which is created with Ctrl-Shift-Enter. Consider the two ranges below:

table1 table2

In some cell, e.g., K1, create the formula


but while in that cell press Ctrl-Shift-Enter.

The formula bar should show: enter image description here

and cell K1 should show 58.

Using Excel tables, the formula looks like this: enter image description here

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