In Firefox, if you drag and drop a URL (pointing to MyDocument.PDF, for example) into Total Commander (or Windows Explorer), Firefox will create a link (MyDocument.URL pointing to MyDocument.PDF) instead of downloading the PDF file.
Is it possible to actually download the file instead of getting a .url file?

Yes, I know, I could use 'Save target as...' in the contextual menu but this will open an additional 'where to save' dialog box.

  • To be more clear: I want to get the actual file when I drag and drop it, instead of getting a URL. – Gravity May 26 '14 at 7:55

Try DragIt. This extension allows you to drag and drop files to save on your disk.

  • I looks like it won't save the file to Windows Explorer current's folder but to predefined list of folder. +1 anyway. The plug in is interesting. – Gravity May 26 '14 at 14:47

OMG! I just find out that this feature is already implemented but not in Firefox, in Total Commander! More exactly it does exactly what I want if do a 'shift + drag and drop'. This will open a 'Connect to web host' box that will download the file.

Anyway, anyone can post a solution that will work from within Firefox, I will accept that solution instead of mine (because mine will work of course only with Total Commander).


Try to hold down Ctrl while dragging and dropping. Seems to work with Firefox 40 and Nautilus 3.16.2 on Linux. I tried Googling but found no references to this anywhere.

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