when an email-address is stored in thunderbird's address book, it uses the name stored there to display as the sender in the thread-pane, and ignores any value in the email.

e.g. my address book has "John Doe ", which means that all emails with the header "From: Netochka Nezvanova (via J.Doe) " are displayed as being sent from "John Doe".

i assume that this is to deface some kind of email forgery (e.g. "Bank of America " will not appear to be an official email), but i fail to see how it should work in practice.

what's more, I do want to see the original values in the "From"-field.


turns out that in the thunderbird address book, you can disable the option

[x] Always prefer display name over message header.

which uses (as the name suggests) the display name in the message header.

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