I have multiple accounts on a server, say for example

  • red
  • webadmin
  • testuser

At the moment I have private keys for these in separate PPK files. I have shortcuts to these on the desktop - so clicking the desktop icon launches Pageant and prompts for a password. After doing this for each PPK file, I can log in and out of the server(s) multiple times during the day using various user-ids without entering passwords. So far so good.

Could I streamline this further by somehow combining all these PPK files into a single PPK file? If so how?

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No. You can, however, pass multiple keys to pageant at once; e.g. as a batch script:

pageant *.ppk

When asked to add multiple keys, Pageant will automatically try to use the same passphrase for all of them, and will ask otherwise.

  • This does not work under Windows (putty-0.80). pageant.exe *.ppk results in an error, and pageant.exe key1.ppk key2.ppk only opens the first file, key1.ppk. Feb 22 at 16:06

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