I have a second standalone PC with TeamViewer installed. Is there any way I can use TeamViewer to set it up to serve as a second screen - (extend, not duplicate)? i.e., the other PC should basically be showing a different screen to my PC, via TeamViewer.

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I'd try this method. Fake that you have a second desktop, and then use team viewer to view the second desktop. Here's the link: Is there a way to fake a dual (second) monitor


You could only do this if you wanted a monitor clone - it would not work if you wanted a typical "extended desktop" dual monitor setup.

By Teamviewing one PC from another, you could see teh contents of the target machine on both monitors, but you cannot use it to extend one PC monitor to another.

What you want could be accomplished wiht a couple of long(ish) cables and either a dual-port graphics card or possibly a splitter (assuming your GPU supports it)

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