I'm using Chrome on a Mac, and want to be able to easily search for a phrase on a page, not an exact string match.

For instance, on this page:


If I hit command+F (or ctrl+F) and enter load

it shows me 63 instances on the page where load appears.

But I just want to find instances where the phrase load appears (which would exclude the words loading or download).

When searching for "load" it looks for an exact string match which includes the quotes.

When adding -loading, it also looks for an exact string match.

When I Google search for various combinations of "advanced search find in page chrome browser" I get way too many results and it's hard to research.

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    How about searching for "load " with a space? – broinjc May 30 '14 at 18:52

RegEx Search lets you search for things inside a web page using regular expressions. If you're new to regular expressions (as I am) then look here. You can easily find what you're looking for quickly.

To find (as in your example), a single phrase, such as load then, all you need to type is \bload\b.

If you separate this, you get \b and load and \b.

\b is an anchor. It is true at a word boundary. More info here (same website as above, different page). Simply put, you use this for seperate words.

Here is this example working in the website in your question:

enter image description here.

RegEx can be very powerful, so this is using the extension as a very low-use. If you ever need, you can use this for things like wildcards etc. (which by default Chrome does not provide)


One way to filter down is to search for "load" that is a space followed by the word followed by another space. This will unfortunately not handle cases where the word is next to punctuation, but it will find only instances of "load" and not "loading" for example.

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