I have a local website running on nodejs simple server made by gulp-connect plugin.

When i refresh that local address, in Internet Explorer 11 it takes only 2s but in chrome it's versy slow. usually 9s and sometimes 5s or even 40s.

Most of this time is on Waiting for localhost... and loading actual website only takes 2s; There is no external resource in codes, all fonts and files are in my computer; CPU, RAM and HD usages are normal.

I also tried to open in new incognito window, disabling plugins, disabling predict network actions, using instead of localhost and removing cache files.


In devtools > network tab, requirejs file waits about 6s; WHY? Maybe you know! This is a screenshot of network tab: network tab


Because i used watch in nodejs server and number of files that were under watch was very much, server was under impact and in fact server was slow, not chrome.

I reduced number of files under watch for livereload and everything is normal now!

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