I start a command window with a similar command:


I can then close the window using this command:

taskkill /FI "WINDOWTITLE EQ DUMMY*" /f /t

What I'd like to do, however, is to close the window based on its partial title. Something like this:


Is there a way to do that?

  • It's not really documented, but you can use the * wildcard character only at the very end of the string. – and31415 Jun 3 '14 at 17:05

Using PowerShell, you can do the following:

Get-Process | Where-Object { $_.MainWindowTitle -like '*commandwindow' } | Stop-Process

Get-Process returns a list of all processes, the Where-Object clause filters it based on the window title, and Stop-Process is similar to taskkill.


An * cannot be at the start. Taskkill does not support it. But "COMMANDWINDOW*" should work regardless.

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