For a frequent task, I need a file manager window open with about 8 tabs, each a different location. I'd like to be able to open the tabs once and then save them as a "tab set", so that in future sessions, I can simply open a file manager and restore the saved tab set, without having to open each tab manually.

I'm running Mint 16 with Thunar, but could use a different file manager if needed.

Is there a way to do this?


I would recommend using Krusader, it looks a little daunting at first if you're used to a windows style manager. It has great tab management, I also use it on Mint, a lot of customization options.

Checking it out is easy as apt-get install krusader

It's build with kde libs, so if you don't have them installed, lookout for the extra weight.

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GNOME Files (formerly, Nautilus) is another option. It has tabs and, if it doesn't remember tab sessions, it does have easy-to-use bookmarks that would make opening all eight tabs a very fast process.

Unsurprisingly, GNOME Files is built against the GTK libraries (which most distributions have preinstalled for one reason or another), so you'll need them installed as dependencies—but, as I mentioned, you may very well already have them.

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Not sure if it would work on Mint but you could have a look at SpaceFM.

More info: https://askubuntu.com/a/872816/142795

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