I have been able to use my Canon LiDE 600F scanner under Snow Leopard to scan paper sheet, after installing Canon's latest driver software.

However, I cannot find a way to make the FAU (Film Adaptor Unit) to work:

  • Canon's software want to calibrate it first and gives an error message "Calibration cannot be performed. Pull out the film. 182.0.0". (of course there is no film).
  • Hamrick's VueScan doesn't seem to support the FAU
  • Apple's Image Capture doesn't propose a film option either

Did I miss something? Did somebody manage to scan film (positive or negative) using the LiDE 600F under Snow Leopard?

Many thanks


Did not try this with snow leopard yet but decent result with sane on leopard with an old canon scanner. Never mind .... http://www.juergen-ernst.de/info_sane.html is the development page for this scanner and it is unsupported for now.

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