I'm using English version of Vista and having problems with using programs that display Russian characters somewhere. For example dictionaries doesn't work for me, since they display Russian character. Also I see just "magic" characters in text editor (notepad) when open a Russian text file. I tried to change whole Vista Interface language to Russian, but it still didn't solve the problem.

I CAN read any web page from browser, that's not a problem. Also adding "Russian" in "Text Services and Input Languages" doesn't solve this problem.

Does anyone know how to solve this?


My System: 32-bit Windows Vista Home Premium - SP2

  • I want to note that my friend is using English version of XP, but he can see Russian characters in the same programs that I can't see, and he can use notepad to read Russian text. – Azho KG Nov 28 '09 at 17:49

After spending whole day on this issue I was finally able to solve it. I just needed to change language for non-Unicode applications to Russian. I never knew about this property :). I hope my answer will be helpful to someone.

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