I installed the Graphviz GUI from pixelglow.com, but it appears to only be a viewer for .dot Graphviz files. I am looking for a graphical editor, where I can create diagrams by pointing and clicking--just like the iPhone app Instaviz.

I would rather not code graphs by hand.

Does anyone know of anything--preferably free?


I assume you mean pixelglow.com which is a nice implementation of graphviz, I believe it includes dotty. If dot writing isn't actually a requirement you might check out the following:

Omnigraffle is by far the best app on the Mac for making graphs but it cannot export back to dot, and is not free (but does have a 20 object free limitation).

Gliffy is also nice (webapp).

You can also try getting Dia from fink but YMMV

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  • +1 Dia can export Dot. Even though it is 'attributed' dot, it's an excellent suggestion. – DaveParillo Nov 28 '09 at 21:56
  • Oops...yeah, I meant pixelglow.com Yeah, I want something simple, like the iPhone app. Omnigraffe is too much, and it's too expensive for my needs. – Chad Johnson Nov 28 '09 at 23:32

Graphviz comes with dotty. It's not included in the Mac Version?

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  • I tried it, but all I can do is draw ellipses. Unless I am missing something, it is useless. I can't draw other shapes, and I can't connect shapes with lines. – Chad Johnson Nov 28 '09 at 23:27
  • You can. Check out the dotty guide: graphviz.org/Documentation/dottyguide.pdf. But based on your experience so far, I would go with a simpler tool that can export dot, such as Dia. – DaveParillo Nov 28 '09 at 23:47
  • Get Dia from darwin ports: dia.darwinports.com – DaveParillo Nov 28 '09 at 23:51

I really like Leonhard - but I've always found it difficult to find the app again. Hopefully putting the link here will help!

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Graph Galaxy is a modern WYSIWYG editor for Graphviz.

You can use it to create a large graph without writing any source code. It has an intuitive and efficient user interface. One of the most powerful features is that it implements a full-featured attribute system to support the cascading style. That means it's easy to set the default attributes for graph components.

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