What I meant by the question is: I've set only one folder (namely, E:\My Documents) as my "Documents" library. This is also default save location for Documents. C:\ is my system drive. C:\Users\[UserName]\Documents is the default documents folder that is provided by Windows 7. I've found that games like FIFA 09 and NFS Shift is saving their settings and user data in C:\Users\[UserName]\Documents\[GameName] folder. I wanted it to be saved in E:\My Documents\[GameName] folder.

This didn't happen in Windows XP. For example, I set E:\My Documents as my documents folder using TweakUI and all the games saved their data in E:\My Documents\[GameName] folder. Seems this isn't happening in Windows 7.

Is there any other way to redirect default document folder? Thanks.


The libraries are just a logical view on several folders. Defining a Documents library (whether it contains only 1 directory or more) does not change the default location for the Documents folder. They're 2 different entities for Windows 7.

If you want to move the Documents folder to another drive, follow the instructions on this site: How to Change My Documents Folder Default Location Path in Windows 7, Vista and XP

Windows 7

  1. Create a new folder that you want to assign as My Documents folder, if you have another drive or partition ex: drive D: I recommended that you create My Document Folder to that drive.
  2. browse to "C:\Users\" using Windows Explorer (Press WINDOWS KEY + E to access this). Then, right click on My Documents and select Properties: Then Click Location Tab

  3. Then click Move then browse to new location for your My Documents folder. Once you find new folder for your document click Select Folder

  4. then click Apply, there will be pop up message to confirm the changed, click Yes to move your documents to the new location, or click No to leave your documents in the original location.

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