I'm trying to convert some video to H.264 and play it on my Android mobile phone. I have Adobe Media Encoder and can easily create files that play on my PC but when I copy them to the phone the media player app just complains that it can't play them.

Are there some particular settings I need to use in the encoder?


I'm guessing you would need to watch the Encoding profile to be one of the mobile device compatible category, but you'd also need a decent player which support the MP4 files and has a good h264 decoder.

Here is a quote from an article about the video capabilities of the G1

It turns out that the G1’s capabilities are pretty similar to later generation iPods, iPhones and Zunes. H.264 video on the G1 needs to conform to the Baseline Profile and the 3.0 Level, which govern some of the impermissible encoding options like CABAC and B-Slices, that are powerful options but also drastically increase the complexity of the file and the power needed to decode the video content. Maybe even more crucially, G1 video has to be follow very strict resolution limits, as no video can be wider than 480 pixels across and no higher than 368 pixels. Bitrate does not appear to be nearly as strict. I’ve gotten the G1 to play files with surprisingly high bitrates, up to 2000 kbps, but that is generally way overkill for files with sub-SD resolutions.

The same guy wrote a nice MeGUI encoding profile and a guide Video encoding for the Android: Step-by-Step, it doesn't use Adobe Media Encoder, but MeGUI which is a very nicely build wrapper around a lot of great powerful command-line encoding utilities.

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