Case: I have younger siblings who have a linux computer. They are not allowed to access this computer without parental approval and entry of a password. Their solution is to disable my locking mechanism by means of changing the "Lock After" time.

I am the superuser: Is there something, like perhaps a UDEV rule or a daemon that looks for user input, and if not present it starts xscreensaver? Like, wait 5 minutes then lock? That way they can not bypass the system by simply changing a GUI box.

The operating system is Linux Mint, a Debian distro.


Have you tried GNOME Nanny?

Otherwise, you could run something like sinac in the background. If ~/.xprofile or ~/.xinitrc are honoured by your environment, just put something like follows there. This is assuming they aren't smart enough to kill¹ the subshell running this too.

while :; do sinac -w "$TIMEOUT"; "$LOCKER"; done

$TIMEOUT could be something like 900 for a fifteen minute limit, and $LOCKER can be slock, xscreensaver, or whatnot.

¹: Could run as a separate user so that they don't have permission to SIGKILL it too.

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