Does anyone have a really good tutorial or getting started guide for Microsoft's PowerShell? I'm a long time Linux/Unix user, and very familiar with scripting languages, command-line usage with bash, ksh and zsh. I'm an intermediate Ruby programmer, and have used all these tools for command-line file management and automation tasks.

I would love a "PowerShell for Bash Experts" guide if such a thing exists, or is on that level of detail.

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    The second link to MSDN there - Windows Powershell Programmer's Guide, looks to be broken ...
    – Everyone
    May 18, 2011 at 11:57
  • As a possible replacement to the second link, I found a link on MSDN labelled Windows Powershell Programmer's Guide. I never saw where the link used to go, but the title seems to match. Also, the Guide in the first link appears to be a subset of this one.
    – merv
    Jan 29, 2012 at 20:09

I've found this guide to be extremely helpful. Mastering Powershell - http://powershell.com/cs/blogs/ebook/

It's a free E-Book by a Powershell MVP that is well written.


  • +1, I also found this one very helpful. Nov 30, 2009 at 16:28

I got started using the tutorial on powershellpro.

My only complaints are:

  • The navigation is hard to use (list of links on the right hand side)
  • There are a few errors and typos throughout. Although if you're an astute reader, you'll notice right away.

The teaching techniques I found useful were when they show how to do a task in both PowerShell and through regular Windows GUI (like MMC) and when they describe real-world uses for some of the scripts or commands.


I found this is a very good starter guide. The eBook is free for download.


I found this tutorial very helpful when I was learning powershell. I haven't gotten all the way through, so I don't know how advanced it gets, but I think it covers things fairly well.


You may read free e-book PowerShell Succinctly:

enter image description here


PowerShell Succinctly highlights some of the PowerShell programming model’s many benefits, specifically for .NET developers and system administrators. Author Rui Machado guides readers through time-saving methods that simplify code testing by eliminating the need to create a new application in Visual Studio. Also included are tips for using additional services, such as PowerGui, WMI, and SQL Server, to get the most out of PowerShell. Even if you don’t already use scripting languages to manage your machines, PowerShell Succinctly will show you just how easy it is to automate activities, work with databases, and interact with a variety of file types with this useful model.

Table of Contents

  • Basics
  • File System
  • Processes
  • Windows Management Instrumentation
  • Remove PowerShell
  • Structured Files
  • SQL Server and PowerShell Microsoft Office Interop

Link: https://www.syncfusion.com/resources/techportal/details/ebooks/powershell

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