If I have a local (i.e. on my disk) Lotus Notes database open, how can I find which directory it's stored in? I am using Lotus Notes 9.


You can find the path of database by its properties. Right click on it and go to Application > Properties.

Now, there can be two scenarios here.

  1. If your database is stored in local data folder then the path would be relative to data folder. To find path of your data folder go to File > Preferences, under Basic Notes Client Configuration look for Local application folder which would show your data folder.
  2. If your database is stored outside data folder then viewing its properties should give you the entire path.
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See in the database properties. File->Application->Properties when the db is open.
The filepath is relative to the notes data directory. Notes data directory on windows is somewhere below %appdata%\local\ibm ...

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