I want to get a list of installed kernels in decreasing order on the date which they were installed.

Any idea on how to do this? I am on Fedora 20

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You can use RPM to list all packages called "kernel" prefixed with the timestamp they were installed. Then use "sort" to sort the entries:

rpm -q --qf '%{installtime} %{installtime:date}: %{name}-%{version}%{release}\n' kernel | sort -n

Example output:

1405648370 Thu 17 Jul 2014 08:52:50 PM CDT: kernel-3.15.5200.fc20
1406750762 Wed 30 Jul 2014 03:06:02 PM CDT: kernel-3.15.6200.fc20
1420254368 Fri 02 Jan 2015 09:06:08 PM CST: kernel-3.17.7200.fc20

EDIT: To reverse the list, add -r to sort

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