This laptop has a huge problem: The switchable graphic card system (INTEL / ATI) can be configured in BIOS to use the ATI or the INTEL+ATI, but not the INTEL (low power).

I want to move on to Windows 8 and don't want to be (cannot!) stuck with specific drivers made to switch between both cards.

Anyone knows a workaround? Searched for a BIOS MOD (they exist, but only found for the 3810 model)

I really need to disable de ATI card so it does not draw any power when running on batteries.



I found a MODDED BIOS that permits the selection between INTEGATED / ATI:

I can see now why ACER did not release such an option: The 5810TG won't reboot properly if INTEGRATED is selected! (works fine though, as the SO recognizes only 1 card, and the other will presumably will stay turned off, not drawing any power).

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