I am new to UNIX, and I am trying to write a shell script that would move all folders that are older than a day in log archive directory into another folder.

Below is the command I am using for doing so.

find /location/logarchive -mtime +1 -type d -exec mv "{}" /Destination/Archives \;

This command is moving the parent directory, i.e. logarchive into the destination instead of sub folders.

Could you please help me modify this command?


You need to also add -mindepth 1 to your command so as not to include the actual directory you specified initially.

find /location/logarchive -mindepth 1 -mtime +1 -type d -exec mv "{}" /Destination/Archives \;

You might want to also add -maxdepth 1 if you don't want to recurse into subfolders, which would make sense here, since they're already contained in any upper level folders.

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