I am not so into Linux and I have the following situation related a strange behavior of the screen command.

The situation is the following one: one a RaspBerry Pi I have installed Raspbian (that is a minimalistic version of Debian.

I connect to the RaspBerry using SSH and I do the following operations:

1) I create a new screen section to run a programm to keep it running when I off from ssh. The program is CPU miner, a program used to mine BitCoin\LiteCoin and it use a GridSeed that is an USB ASIC hardware that do the work (but I think that this is not so important)

2) I type AD to exit the screen session so I log off from SSH.

The problem is that when I detached the screeb section the performance decrease dramatically. It do exactly a sixth of the work that it do when the section is not detached.

So I have no idea about this behavior and I can think only two thing:

1) When a section is detached the priority of its process is decreased

2) Maybe the RaspBerry hardware is not powerful enough and it can't appropriately handle the process in a detached screen section.

What is the problem? what am I missing? what can I do to solve this issue?



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