I'm trying to setup sencha cmd on ubuntu server:

I've fetched the archive:

wget http://cdn.sencha.com/cmd/

however when I try to run the binary nothing happens:


Just returns the prompt with no errors or messages.

Judging by other guides I've found such as http://lubos.rendek.org/installation-and-getting-started-tutorial-with-sencha-ext-js-5-on-ubuntu-slash-debian-linux

It looks like this file invokes a wizard which. Since I'm using ubuntu server 14.04, X is not installed.

Am I downloading the wrong file? Or is there another step I'm missing?

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You probably figured it out by now, but it might help others:

You need to install ruby first with something like:

apt-get install ruby2.0

after that the wizard starts on the command line

Good luck


Installing Sencha Cmd Silently

Some users may wish to install Sencha Cmd without the installer’s GUI. If you need a CLI-only installation process, simply run the following command from your command line tool:

sudo SenchaCmd-5.x.y.z-linux.run --mode unattended

Source: http://docs.sencha.com/cmd/5.x/intro_to_cmd.html

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