I used to use Linux Mint 13 MATE for some time, it has MATE 1.2.0, in which I can set Ctrl+Esc shortcut for opening main menu by right-click on the Menu button -> Preferences, there is a simple text field in which I can manually enter the following text: <Control>Escape, and it works. (logoff + logon is needed to apply changes, though)

Now I tried Linux Mint 17, it has MATE 1.8.0, and there is no text field anymore: now, there is automatic shortcut picker. The thing is that it fails to grab the same shortcut: just when I press Esc it doesn't care that I actually hold Ctrl key already, assumes I canceled entering, and just returns previous value.

It's interesting that in general keybinding settings (mate-keybinding-properties) shortcut picker is more smart: it easily allows to enter shortcut with Esc key. But, in the mate-keybinding-properties, it's impossible to set shortcut for opening main menu. (iteresting why it is separated, btw)

So, how to achieve what I need: how to set Ctrl+Esc shortcut for opening main menu?


After some experiments, got it: first of all, we need for dconf-editor:

$ sudo aptitude install dconf-tools
$ dconf-editor

Go to comlinuxmintmintmenu, find hot-key property, and set the following text there:


Note it's case-sensitive. After that, the hotkey should work immediately (even without closing dconf-editor, or anything)

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