I have a Win 2008 R2 server with IE10 installed on it. In the IE (and on firefox too), when I use option "Use Automatic Configuration Script" (this is as per the company policy to access internet) I am able to browse the internet but none of my local sites (eg. the site hosted on the same server using IIS) are opening. Perviously I was using a proxy server with "bypass proxy server for local address" option checked but the company now decommisioned the proxy and started using a cloud hosted ".pac" script.

Mean time this issue is only within one domain. In another domain where I have my local workstation is conncted, same ".pac" based proxy and the local sites are working fine.

Can you please share some thougts so that I can be in a good position to talk to the networks guys?

Thank you Arun


Have you looked at the PAC file to see if there is something in there about that domain. This is a useful tool for checking issues. https://code.google.com/p/pacparser/


My network team did some configuration changes (undisclosed :-)) and that was the reason I got the problem.

Now they provided me a direct proxy address to use and as usual never bothered to explain what went wrong from their side and how they fixed.

  • I request admin/moderators to close or remove this question and answers as this is not useful for the community. – Arun Jul 8 '14 at 6:02

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