I would like to know if there is a software for Windows which allows me to copy a huge file from a remote desktop network to my local PC, and if this copy gets interrupted, I would like to resume the copy process. I have tried Teracopy but its Resume feature does not work when network connection gets interrupted.

This is the scenario:

  • I connect to a remote computer using Remote desktop, sharing a local drive, so the remote computer can see my shared drive (such as U:)
  • On the remote computer I want to copy the remote file to the shared drive (U:).
  • Local computer has Windows 8, remote computer has Windows 2003
  • There is no internet connection available in remote computer

The problem:

  • connection is really slow from remote computer and when there is a disconnection, I cannot resume the copy process

is there a software which offers a resume feature to avoid copying the whole file again from scratch?


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I found out that CopyFile works as expected. It does not show the estimated time left but shows copy progress in percentage.

It also has an input box for repeating / resuming the copy as many times as you want.

Select source, target, select the file, click Add then Start.


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